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1. Goals

In 1992 Consulting & Research for Industrial Economics Ltd. and the Institute for Industrial Economics set up an open, non-profit, non partisan foundation for research activities and for international projects, called Foundation for Market Economy. The foundation is run by a small team of qualified full-time and part-time researchers, in form of project financing. FME is led by a board of trustees and controlled by a board of supervision.

The foundation strives to contribute to the emergence of an enterprise-friendly legal and economic environment through research, the adaptation of international experience, and the creation of awareness of the social and economic importance of small- and medium-sized companies.

The foundation's primary task is the research of problems resulting from the spread of market economy. Furthermore, it aims to use research results in the preparation of legislature, economic and training policies and public relations. Research carried out and initiated by the foundation is utilized by legislative and government entities as well as by SME advocacy organizations when making and implementing decisions.

The research involves the assessment of organizations' condition and social-economic environment, as well as the factors affecting their operation and development, including regional aspects. Furthermore, recommendations are made as to the necessary changes. The results should contribute to a sound economic policy.

2. Main topics

In the past few years, our research and the subsequent analysis have been focused on the private sector. We have prepared comprehensive analyses, inter alia, on foreign trade strategies, the development of the SME sector, large companies' supply systems, attracting foreign working capital and the promotion of investments, as well as on the effects of EU membership and specific EU regulations on certain industries.

A primary assignment was the examination of the impact of the EU's environmental protection regulations on the economy, including a summary of the most important tasks. We also prepared an analysis on the effects of the EU's bankruptcy and liquidation laws. Our largest regional and industry analyses are focused on the a region's economy or important industries, as well as on the identification of their development opportunities.

Analysis of state

  • Ongoing evaluation of EU's and OECD' strategy of industry policy and enterprise development, adaptation of its important elements for the Hungarian economy.
  • Exploration of the typical growth problems of Hungarian SME-s, in order to substantiate subsidy policy.
  • Analysis of the activity of organizations in fields of enterprise development.
  • Features and expertise of enterprise development methods of Hungarian and multinational enterprises.
  • Tendencies among different enterprise groups about innovation and employment.
  • Enterprise life cycle patterns (application of international analogies).
  • Changes in the operational environment of enterprises on the basis of development of industry- and enterprise policy (interdisciplinary researches).

Tendency analysis

  • Evaluation of performance of Hungarian and international enterprises (on the basis of production, export, productivity, added value).
  • Reasons for changes in productivity and trends in life cycle of SME-s in the Hungarian economy development.
  • Evaluation of the efficiency of investment - incentives.
  • Comparative tendency analysis of size, ownership and location of enterprises.

Comparative analysis

  • Competitiveness analysis on the level of state, sector and enterprise groups.
  • Up-to-date methods of investment - incentives, on the basis of experiences of neighboring states.
  • International comparative analyses of concrete topics (e.g. development dynamics, priorities, cooperation.).

3. Our unique approach

Consulting & Research for Industrial Economics Ltd. creates its unique research in a close cooperation with its research-oriented foundation, called Foundation for Market Economy. The foundation is headed by Dezsériné dr. Major Mária.

Senior researchers: dr. Benedek Tamás, dr. Bonifert Donát, dr. Papp Sándor

  • Experiences of national and international comparative analyses (with support of PHARE, CIPE, ICEG, Freedom House, OFA).
  • Problem-sensitive and presentational abilities, based on researches and impact analyses for decision making (on behalf of NGKM, PM, IKIM, OMFB, GKM, KüM ect.).
  • Specific knowledge from project implementation for enterprises and regional development organizations (projects for/ with MVA and local development enterprise centers, associations, local governments.).

Our research is based on empirical surveys, and is also supported by consultancy experiences. It is created in the following forms:

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