Our staff

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Our colleagues are highly skilled and experienced. Special assignments are executed together with constant teams of external professionals. All our researchers and consultants have at least one university degree in economics, engineering, law or sociology. Besides holding scientific-level degrees (Ph.D.), most of our staff have secondary qualifications, such as CMC-registered management consultant, SME consultant, human resources consultant, internationally recognized marketing expert, certified accountant, quality controller and tax advisor.

In line with current requirements, we monitor and process international technical publications, attend domestic and foreign professional events and communicate with foreign advisors and business partners in several languages.

Dr. Benedek Tamás piacgazd@ikt.hu
Bod Eszter bod.eszter@ikt.hu
Dezsériné dr. Major Mária ipargazd@ikt.hu
Domonkos Gabriella domonkos.gabriella@ikt.hu
Ilyés Mihály ilyes.mihaly@ikt.hu
Kesztler Márta kesztler.marta@ikt.hu
Kiss Attila kiss.attila@ikt.hu
Kulcsár Péter kulcsar.peter@ikt.hu
Witzenleiter Zsuzsanna ikt@ikt.hu

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