Our philosophy

Our goals

Consulting & Research for Industrial Economics Ltd. strives to become a unique research and consulting company that enhances the decision-making of meso-, micro- and macroeconomic entities by utilizing its own research experience and by adopting processes and research results of foreign partner institutions. Our goal is to attain a special research and consulting status that allows us to benefit from our multilateral relations. In other words, we plan to use the results of our meso- and macro-economic research in providing advice to micro-economic players and vice versa, thus providing feedback to meso- and macro-economic decision-makers.

Our applied research and decision preparation expertise are meant to serve not only private enterprises but also state administration agencies and related professional advocacy associations.

Corporate characteristics

  • Unique services: an organic combination of research and consulting;
  • Independence: our assignments are performed solely on the basis of professionalism, and the conclusions/recommendations offered to our clients are only driven professional considerations;
  • Cooperation: in subjects outside our expertise we cooperate with consultants (companies or individuals) who are experts in the given field;
  • Values we all bear in mind: professionalism, commitment, quality, credibility, ethical behavior, speed, flexibility, customer-orientation, constant improvement, and professional development.

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