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During the examination of our clients' activities, markets and structures, our highly skilled analysts help identify problem points and provide recommendations to solve problems. Most of our services of this kind are rendered to local governments (structural and operational screening), and to enterprises (marketing, supplies, internal communication and customer contacts).
Integrated market research and analyses are further cornerstones of our services. These involve the analysis of our clients' (prospective) markets through qualitative and quantitative research.
Preparing studies on the effect of Hungary's upcoming EU membership for both administrative agencies and enterprises is another field of primary importance. Our unique methodology allows us to pinpoint the effects of the introduction of EU legislation and to focus our analysis on certain policy fields, industries or entities.
The concrete methods to be employed in an individual case are tailored to the task at hand. An empirical analysis is followed by the implementation of a carefully selected data processing method, the results of which serve as the basis for our conclusions.

Our intention as a consultant firm: is to support the decision-making process and help create strategies for various economic activities.

1. Our services

1.1 Enterprise-network strategic consultancy

Strategic planning
To explore opportunities in enterprise cooperation, between potential suppliers and clusters, to bring together cooperative partners, based on feasibility studies, especially:

  • to measure demands for services,
  • cooperation, organization of networks, for strategy-definition, elaboration of organizational regulation frames,
  • to elaborate business and action plans,
  • to prepare survey of state and monitoring projects,
  • to help in fundraising and preparing of proposals,
  • continuous strategic and procedure consulting.

Organization development
To explore the best corporate governance structure, within the framework of organization development, in order to increase the efficiency of:

  • enterprises,
  • municipalities.

Market research
To prepare sectoral, subsectoral studies, analyses in segregation of different enterprise groups, and special target groups in form of studies and manuals.
Sectoral fields:

  • machinery and equipment manufacturing, especially manufacture of transport equipment, electronics industry,
  • construction,
  • manufacture of chemicals, chemical products, man-made fibres, manufacture of rubber and plastic products, manufacture of medicines and health care products,
  • manufacture of wood and wood products, furniture industry, manufacture of pulp, paper and paper products,
  • information technology and telecommunication,
  • services: hotels, transport, storage.

Marketing consulting
In the field of information technology and telecommunication to support companies in recognizing the market situation, choosing the most prospective target groups, defining marketing goals.


1.2 Project management

Having widespread knowledge of methods of project management, we support projects in their whole "life cycle".

1.3 Human resources management

Human resources management is one of the most important factor in acquiring a competitive advantage: the efficient development and management of employees, and the ongoing institutional renewal of the organization.

    Management and evaluation of performance
    Our aim is to support the realization of business and human strategy of enterprises.

    Training activity
    Our aim is to develop and improve competences and up-to-date professional knowledge in form of aimed and structured trainings, especially in the field of manufacture of transport equipment and information technology, and general and special knowledge about the EU.


2. Our methods

We use unique methodology involving Hungarian and foreign experience, methods and knowledge. The concrete methods to be employed in an individual case are tailored to the task at hand.

3. Our consultants

Leader of consultancy: Vajdáné dr. Horváth Piroska
Senior consultants: Bod Eszter, Kiss Attila, dr. Kovácsné Ihász Anita
Consultants: Ilyés Mihály, Nagy Szilvia, Radvány Ilona, Szego Károly, Zánkai Katalin

Fejleszti: Numex Informatika Kft.